Huggies Little Bundle of Laughts - My Funny Story

Huggies recently held a comedy evening, "Little Bundles of Laughs" as most people who have ever been pregnant, know someone who has been pregnant, adopted, or has children in any way shape or form knows that there is always one story that can be told that will keep everyone listening entertained before they collapse in a puddle of tears from laughter.

I have a lot of funny pregnancy and parenting stories, I mean come on I'm me; I can't go to the local shopping centre or have a work meeting without causing something to happen that I can give everyone a giggle about. However, this is the story about me being born.

Me and My Mum in my Paternal Grandparents back garden.
I was born in the late seventies, when things were exciting and a little funky and despite nearly missing the decade I did manage to arrive the day after my Mum's Twentieth birthday. My Parents had gone out for a drink on my Mums birthday, after my Dad had got home from work with the days takings. Remember this was the seventies drinking during pregnancy was allowed back then. There was still no sign of me coming out, despite the fact that I was due to have already made my appearance.

My Parents had not long moved into their first home together and my Dad had been a bit handy and laid new carpets and papered all the rooms so that it would all be done before I was born. My Mum loved walking bare footed from the bedroom to the bathroom and early the next morning she did just that as she needed to pee. It had probably been all the Cider and Black (Cider and Blackcurrant cordial) she had drunk the night before working its way out!

She got back to the bedroom and was about to get back into bed when she realised that the floor where she was standing was wet. My Dad opened one eye and muttered;

"You better not of just peed on the carpet I just laid"

Its okay, you can admit I was cute.
From what I understand of the next hour or so it involved a very quick progression of labor as my Mum got dressed and tried to breathe through the early contractions, whilst my Dad got up, got dressed, tried to clean the carpet (I think they ripped it up in the end) and call family to let them know and of course to arrange for his brother to come and collect the takings from the day before.

As it was the seventies and burglars hadn't been invented yet, they arranged with my Uncle that they would put the takings underneath the bin in the front garden. My Mum and Dad set off down the road out of the estate and just as they got to the end of the road they saw the bin men. Remember when I said that they had only just moved into their house? Yeah it was so recently that they didn't even remember that the bin men came on a Wednesday.

My Dad now had a problem, did he take his screaming wife to the hospital, or race back to the house to move the large bag of money from under the bin? He decided that the screaming wife was more of a priority and drove off towards the hospital. Luckily for him he made the right choice as just before the bin men got to our bin, my Uncle got there and rescued the takings...

***Look I mentioned me being born and I didn't mention that my parents accidentally gave me the same name as a Page Three Girl who was in the paper the day after I was born... Damn it!***