Feeding the Ducks with Baby Boy

Baby Boy and I went to one of the local lakes to feed the ducks and to have a bit of a walk. Feeding the ducks is something that Baby Boy and I haven't done really and so it was a grand adventure for us! Baby Boy had decided that the only lake worth visiting was Mickey Lake as seen in the TV programme Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... luckily he believes that I'm Magic and Know Everything and so when we pulled up and I told him we had arrived, he believed me!

We had a great time talking to the Ducks, Swans, Canadian Geese and Coots and Baby Boy quacked and honked with the best of them. We were a bit worried that one of the birds was making a noise that seemed rather like a pig snorting and so snorted back for a little while before Baby Boy decided the only way forward was to Moo at them all.

The water fowl didn't seem to mind the cow impressions. They didn't even mind Baby Boy following them around the area waddling like a duck...

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we didn't even realise we had a little audience of people in the offices nearby, who had come out to get some lunchtime air.

I think we shall go again next week.