The MADs

I have tried writing this post about The MADs so many times since Monday evening and I just can't, so let me get the one thing out of the way that is holding me back, the one thing that I know that you all already know as you have read it on Twitter and on other peoples blogs and then I can get on to what I want to say about the MADs and the time I spent at Butlins Bognor Regis without you all wondering.

I looked fantastic.

Photo taken by Glowstars
It's true, I did. My dress from Simply Be and my underwear from Simply Yours made me feel so amazingly good about myself and then there were the amazing tweets (after Vic aka Glowstars tweeted the above picture of me) to me saying how lovely I looked on top of the other guests saying it to me personally (and then following it up on Twitter) made me glad I had on waterproof mascara.

Kelly is a proper journalist and she says my dress was lovely!
Oh; Wait. That's not what has been stopping me writing this post. I'll write about *that* news now.

I drank four bottles of Dr Pepper from a wine glass, (that had been driven in especially for me) because I was trying to be posh and not look odd for having water whilst nearly everyone else was drinking wine!

Eh? You don't think that was what I was supposed to be writing about? I can't think of anything else that happened that you might want to know about.

Nope, nothing at all.

Well there was that little matter of winning the Best Blog for Family Fun category...

Yup, somehow I managed to win, despite being up against three of the most wonderful women ever, who you can normally find blogging at It's a Small World, Nurture Store, and The Mad House. The love that I have for these women is not something I think I can properly put into words although I did try with my little speech... which is here for you to enjoy (again thanks to Vic!)

I think that the best photo of the night goes to Top Ender who was in bed when the awards were going on and who Daddy had to wake up (yeah I don't believe she was asleep either) to tell her the good news.

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As you can see Top Ender was a little pleased!
So that was The MAD's, a time for bloggers to come together and celebrate each other and with each other. A time for us all to understand that, what we do does actually matter to other people, people who will take the time to vote for you in awards and read your blog posts and comment and the best bit of it all for me, that those same people are inspired by what you do and then go out and do it with their family too.

Thank you everyone. I may have the trophy, but it belongs to all of you too.