September the time for New School Year Resolutions PART TWO

On August 31st I posted "September the time for New School Year Resolutions" and listed ten resolutions that I wanted to make sure I kept with regards to this school year and I was convinced that I was only going to make it through the first two weeks. Today marks a whole month having passed since I made these resolutions so I thought I would take a quick check at how I am doing...

Top Ender on the way to school

We will get to school on time everyday.Yes I know I only live five minutes from school and so far Top Ender hasn't been late once. Not even on the day when she had to take her violin in and she and Daddy had a "Discussion" about where it was meant to be left.
Top Ender will have clean uniform everyday and her shoes will be polished. So far it has worked. She has had clean uniform everyday AND clean PE kit at the start of every week! I know, how fab am I?

I will remind Top Ender to take her PE kit at the start of the week.With her first PE lesson on the week on a Monday this is 5 times as important as it was last year. So far I haven't forgotten and I even replaced her old shorts with the hole in the bum with a new pair from John Lewis. I might even buy her a new Tracksuit and some new plimsolls if she keeps growing.

I will check Top Enders bag for permission slips and return them promptly. Top Ender has told me that her teacher has told her that at Parents evening I am going to get three gold stars, because I have been that good at doing it. I am really going to ask for these when I see her teacher too!

Top Ender will have a nutritious lunch everyday. She has! Although tomorrow might be a bit of an issue as I have run out of my pre-made frozen sandwiches to give her. Is a cheese sandwich healthy? What about a steak and onion sandwich? What about a steak onion and cheese sandwich?

Top Ender will take her bottle of water to school everyday. We forgot one day. It wasn't our fault though... And Top Ender did make sure she drank from the Water Fountain a lot during the day to make up for it!

I won't be late picking Top Ender up. Again, yes I know I practically live next door to the school. I haven't been late once. Not even the day where we had three minutes to leave and Baby Boy decided he wanted to do a poo. I have however decided that Baby Boy will try to do a poo at least thirty minutes before we go out to pick up Top Ender EVERY DAY.

I will write all appointments on the calender. Next...

I will get Top Ender to do her homework. We are so good at doing it, that last weeks homework took all of two minutes whilst we were waiting for the popcorn to cook before we watched our Friday Night Film! I do like seeing the little WELL DONE stamps in her book!

I will remember to give Top Ender and Baby Boy a healthy after school snack Okay, healthy snacks are all about moderation right? So if they have eaten a load of fruit during the day but haven't had a lot of calories a little bit of chocolate once a week is acceptable right? Right? RIGHT? For the most part they have been lucky and I have been good. They did get ice pops one night and a cookie another night, but what they didn't know was that they were home made and therefore had fruit hidden in them!

So all in all I don't think I am doing a bad job... maybe not a good job but I don't think that it is a bad job either!