Top Ender and the Violin

At the end of the last school year a letter came home with Top Ender, asking if we wanted to know more about the possibility of Top Ender learning to play the Violin. The costs associated with it, didn't seem to be too extortionate (although they are a small fortune!) and so we said we would like to know more.

At the start of this school year a new letter came home telling us that Top Ender had been measured for a violin and that we now had to pay the small fortune before the scheduled lesson started... Yeah I could of sworn we only asked for more information too!

The problem was of course that Top Ender was excited about this and so we couldn't say No. With the help of the easy three part installment plan that the school had told us that we would pay we sent Top Ender to school Wednesday morning with three cheques (two of which were postdated) and after school on Thursday she appeared carrying what was either a small machine gun or a small violin.

It turns out that it was a small violin.

As you can see Top Ender is delighted with the new addition to the family and even when she went to B&Q last night with Daddy she managed to find someone to talk to, about this new hobby. Sandra on the till has told Top Ender that as soon as she can play a tune she can go to B&Q and serenade the till staff.

I think I love Sandra.