BBC Good Food Show

Five years ago Daddy went to the Good Food Show. He came back with goodies galore for Top Ender and I and he was very full from the samples of foods that he had been offered. It was/is one of those things on our bucket list that we would go to a show in the future together but we just never got round to it before Miele invited me this years Winters show. Sorry Scratch that Miele were sponsoring the MasterChef experience and so they invited me to a couple of cook along sessions on stage and to cook for the MasterChef presenters John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

Good Food Show Birmingham

The Good Food Show was at the Birmingham NEC and was in more than one hall. I couldn't believe the amount of people that were there and the number of stalls. I kept looking at everything that was around me, it was a bit like taking a kid to a sweet shop! There were so many stalls selling food, cookware, cake decoration items, cookers, bags and everything that you could possibly imagine! I had been joking before I went that I would be eating any samples that I could get my hands on, but instead I didn't eat a single sample as there were too many people around to actually get close enough to any samples! It was an eye opener for me and I think that if I were to go to the Food Show again (I would love to) that I would need to go for a couple of days so that I could do it justice, looking at each stall and what they were selling!

It's funny because the show isn't somewhere I have been and yet I love food and I love cooking. I am comfortable cooking food. I can whip up a decadent Sponge Cake in minutes, I can make a great Creme Brulee, my Quiche is fantastic, my Sausage Rolls are something to behold and my Roast Potatoes should be on exhibit for being crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle and now that I have cracked using wheat free flour my Yorkshire Puddings are both fluffy and light and perfectly golden. Thing is though I got to this point by trial and error and by following recipes. I don't tend to create my own recipes...

As you might know at the end of the day I took part in the MasterChef Invention Test. I wanted to take part in this because I wanted to stretch myself. I wanted to see what I could create and if I could create something that was good. As it turns out I did create something which was good and I don't think that it was just because I declared my undying love to Dick Strawbridge that I was put into the final. I am still really chuffed that I got a kiss from him and I keep telling everyone! My poor neighbour hadn't heard the story the other night and we stood outside our driveways chatting about the experience! And Dick if you are reading this, I still love you!

Good Food Show Birmingham

One of the great things about having gone to the Good Food Show with Miele, was that I got to meet some other bloggers, from other areas that I don't normally venture into (being what is categorised as a Mummy Blogger) and they were the very lovely and much better cooks than me Mimi from, Helen from, May from, James from and Jo from! Reading their blogs is a totally different experience for me. They make this fantastic food using ingredients that I wouldn't even dream of using and my mouth just waters all the time as I am reading. I think I am going to have to do take a leaf out of their books blogs and try cooking something out of my comfort zone!

Don't worry though I shall blog about my disasters!