I don't do Ice-Cream... even posh Ice-Cream

I love sweet things. Give me some chocolate and I am happy. Give me a bag of sugar and I will look at you a little oddly, but will still be quite pleased. Give me a bowl of ice-cream and I will hand it right back to you. I don't do ice-cream. I have managed to convince myself that Ice-cream sets my teeth off (I have sensitive teeth so it does) when really I just don't want to become totally addicted to the stuff and put on more weight.  Top Ender, Baby Boy and Daddy love ice-cream and a mention of ice-cream normally results in me getting other chores done first.

"Yes, Darling you may have some ice-cream... but won't you just quickly tidy up the toys?"

That's not wrong or evil parenting; That's smart thinking I'll have you know. When we were asked if we would like to try Kelly's of Cornwall Ice-Cream (and they sent me some vouchers to buy some) I said yes as a look at the website showed this wasn't just ordinary Ice-cream. This was special ice-cream. Luxurious ice-cream. Gosh I sound like an advert for Marks and Spencer's don't I?

Buying the tubs of ice-cream (it's on offer in a lot of Supermarkets at the moment so I got two okay?) I was a little worried, I mean it looks posh and my children prefer are use to cheap ice-cream. Was this going to be eaten?! As soon as we were home we started putting the shopping away. Top Ender and Baby Boy each pulled out a tub of ice-cream and asked for some. The traitors. So after lunch they and Daddy had a bowl of ice-cream. Baby Boy flicked some in the general direction of my mouth and that little bit did taste creamy but seeing as he then wouldn't let me near his bowl I have to assume that it all tastes like that!

Kelly's of Cornwall Clotted Cream Cornish Ice Cream

The idea that Kelly's are trying to get across is that it isn't just "ordinary" cream or flavoured creams that you can use with puddings at Christmas. Why not serve a scoop of clotted cream ice-cream with your Christmas pudding or mince pie? Not that come this Saturday I am going to have any left. Top Ender and Baby Boy seem to have gotten through most of the first tub already. And that's a shame as I must admit that a scoop of ice-cream with a hot slice of Christmas pudding does appeal to me... hmm maybe I do like ice-cream after all!