A Garland of Christmas Stockings

Top Ender, Baby Boy and I seem to have got into some rather good habits of late and added to the bonus of us having cleared out a lot of junk this year from all our rooms (it took a lot of effort!) we are getting our daily chores done very quickly. This last Sunday Daddy went to work leaving Baby Boy, Top Ender and I up and ready and with not a lot to do after we had done the chores. As I have hurt my back going for a walk just wasn't an option and so we decided that we would make the Christmas Stocking Garland that I brought from a local 99p Stores. The kit wasn't something I would normally buy as with the large amount of craft items that we have in the house, we have everything we need to make our own... well everything really. When Baby Boy and I were having a good look round the store, these had caught our eye however and we figured that they would be a good buy (read Baby Boy wouldn't let go of them).

Stocking Garland on the Floor

Top Ender was wanting to play on her Nintendo DS whilst listening to her ipod (I know she has it made right?!) so she only made one stocking whilst Baby Boy and I made the others. We will make these again as they actually look really cute, and they were great fun to make. Baby Boy and I had a ball and even Top Ender had a giggle making them. Daddy actually thought that we had brought them from a store and so you can make them too this here is a list of what you need!

Stocking shape (as many as you want and whatever size you want too, ours were around 4"x7")
Rectangles for the Stocking trim (you need as many as you have stockings, ours were 4.5"x1")
Ribbon (around 40 inches, but if you want a longer Garland then longer!)
Hole punch (for a hole to thread the ribbon through)
Glue and some things to stick on!

Our stockings were made out of foam, but you could make them with paper or card. Cut out your stocking shapes. Cut out the rectangles and line the top corners up, so that you can punch holes in the same places and they will line up when you hang them.

Once you know where your stocking trim ends, you can add decorations to the stocking body. Top Ender and Baby Boy both lay out the embellishments on the stocking before gluing them into place. We prefer to do it this way so that we are happy with our layout before it is permanent!

Once the glue is dry, all you need to do is thread the stockings on to the ribbon and then hang somewhere that everyone will get to see them!

Stocking Garland Hanging above a Doorway