The Great Christmas Light Hunt

As I have mentioned before, going on a Christmas Light Hunt is one of the best things about Christmas for me. I love getting Top Ender and Baby Boy to look out of their windows looking for a display that is worthy of us all stopping to look at. We went on such a hunt just the other night, and found many houses in the local area who really have gone all out this year with impressive displays of colour and Christmas iconography. The one display that I still hadn't seen however was our local High Streets. This year I hadn't been able to attend the big switch on, as I had been at the Good Food Show and so Daddy, Top Ender and Baby Boy had walked down instead. As in the Milton Keynes area you are never too far away from anywhere, we decided to drive up the High Street so that I could see the tree, and the lights strung across the street for the first time this year and Top Ender and Baby Boy could see them again. I don't know what it is about our High Street, but when it is dark and the Christmas lights are on, there is something magical about it.

Christmas Lights in the High Street

I have several photographs of the lights from each year that Top Ender and I have gone to the big Switch on (remember last year I won The Xmas Factor?) and even though they are always the same, I still can't help but become a big kid who is ever so excited about Christmas coming round again.

Christmas Lights in the High Street

I guess that it really is true that it is the simple things in life, the things that are free that are the best things.; Walking down a gaily lit high street, driving round local streets to see what displays other people from your town have in their front gardens, walking round your street to see your Neighbours displays or even just going for a drive down your local high street to see your town's display and all the while singing Christmas Carols and having fun as a family. See ALL the best things in life are free!

Christmas Tree and Lights in the High Street