Personalised Messages from Santa

Last Christmas, I told you all about how Santa Claus had been talking to me via the TV and the Internet and I thought it was about time that I shared with you the personalised messages that he has been sending me this year. It turns out that my blog post Santa Caught on Webcam (where Santa comes out of my chimney and goes upstairs to Top Ender and Baby Boy's bedrooms) wasn't as naughty as I thought and I am still on the good list!

This year there is of course the fantastic Portable North Pole console available again. Santa has obviously been reading up on technology after seeing my webcams all over the house as he now has webcams all over his village and you can see him in his office, in the Reindeer Training Centre, the Elves Secret Quarters Ice Hall and the Message Centre.

Screen shots from PNP

I have nothing but admiration for the messages you can get from PNP and although I have never brought one, I don't think that they are an unreasonable price. This year they also have the iPNP (I pee and pee hahahha) an iphone/ipad/ipod touch app which you can get for free at itunes. It's already made its way to Daddy's iphone and my ipod touch!

Now I know that some of you adults might want a message for someone special in your life and that you yourself may want a message... so here is a message from Santa just for you the A Mothers Ramblings Readers. Listen now, I'll wait.

Head Shot of Santa from Send a Message from Santa

And yes he did just call you a HOTTIE. Inappropriate? Maybe. Untrue? Definitely not.

As it says at the end of the message, if you want to send one to someone you know then pop over to Send a Call From Santa as it only take a minute and being called a hottie cheered up my day.

Of course I have to mention that at The Ruka & Kuusamo Travel Guide there is a chance to win a personalised message from Santa and that it is very easy to enter, you just need to like two facebook pages (The Nordic Holidays Facebook Page and the Ruka & Kuusamo Travel Guide Facebook Page) and leave a comment on the Ruka & Kuusamo blog to say you have done and who you would like the message for if you win!