Christmas Gifts for my Mum

When I buy Christmas gifts for friends and family I normally follow a theme. I find that it helps me focus what I am buying and also allows me to exploit a range of gifts that would be suitable for the recipient in a range of prices. It also means that I can create what looks like an expensive gift, but in fact is just well thought out and can be put together in seconds! The best examples of these are creating themed hampers as it is a nice way to link together a seemingly random series of gifts hidden under the Christmas tree.

Christmas Gifts under the Tree

This year my Mum has a themed gift. It all started with a random comment she made to my Sister about a towelling dressing gown that she had seen. It would be the perfect dressing gown for using to get try after a shower as she could potter about her home getting breakfast and doing a few chores. My Sister and I did that trick where we made a mental note about the possible future gift possibility and then when we were alone discussed who was going to get it. It was decided that I would buy the dressing gown and so I set about looking for the great towelling dressing gown that she had seen. I eventually found it, but didn't buy it. As much as I love my Mum a towelling dressing gown that costs £50 isn't going to be brought... So I set off finding a second towelling dressing gown that didn't cost £50. And I found one! In Ikea of all places. The Snoa Rutan is a bath robe with tartan trim. This is works well as my Mum is Scottish and although it isn't her Tartan hardly anything that she owns in tartan is her families variety!

Snoa Rutan Bath Robes from Ikea

With the dressing gown brought I decided that what would go great would be some Pyjamas and I could do a whole night time theme for my Mums gift. I set about finding some lovely Pyjamas for my Mum for Christmas and found a pair with a tartan bottoms in Tesco! I would show you a picture of them, but they are no longer available on the Tesco website. You could of course go and look for a similar pair though in the Tesco Nighwear section, and there are a couple of pairs there that I am hoping Santa will bring for me! I was in Asda a couple of days later and out of the corner of my eye spotted a cushion that looked similar to a throw that my Mum has on her bed. The Chenille Stripe Cushion would be great for my Mum to hug on to or lay on whilst wearing her dressing gown and Pyjamas!

Asda Chenille Cushion

I knew then that the only thing missing from the theme was Slippers and this is where the Slippers from Clifford James came in. The review of which you can read about at Slippers for my Mum! The slippers were chosen by my Mum, so although they won't be a surprise she will be very pleased to have them and I think they add to the theme up quite nicely don't you?!

With a few other additions of some shower gel, some shampoo, conditioner and some chocolate treats my Mum's gifts are good to go. They are mostly wrapped, (the chocolate isn't) and are all ready with cryptic clue gift tags to add to the Christmas Day fun.