Breast Pad Snowmen

Whilst tidying up my bedroom I found a half empty box of disposable breast pads. I didn't want to throw them away and my sister already has the world surplus of her favourite brand so I didn't know what to do with them. They sat on my chest of drawers for a couple of weeks until an idea struck. I could make them into Christmas Decorations! Having already had a conversation with Daddy about doing a Christmas scene in our Living Room Window, I knew that we could make something to go on display there. The question of course was what? Well the answer to me was obvious what else could you think of when you see giant white circles? Snowmen! Breast Pad Snowmen!

Breast Pad

So with the help of some felt tips Top Ender and Baby Boy created a family of Breast Pad Snowmen.

Breast Pad Snowmen Family

Breast Pad Snowmen

Breast Pad Snowmen

If you want to make them too (you could use circles of paper instead of breast pads!) all you need to do is draw a Snowman face on one breast pad, and a row of buttons on a second breast pad (or paper circle). Stick them together at the neck/shoulder area and Voila! Breast Pad Snowmen!


  1. This has made me giggle. Now in the morning when putting in my pads I'll be thinking of snowmen :)


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