Take an Oldie to School

Last Friday it was the second "Take an Oldie to school" day at Top Enders School. It was a programme started so that the parents, grandparents and other "Oldies" in the Children's lives could experience what a morning at School is like now. I went to the first one last Summer, and found it amazing how the class interacts with each other and how the teacher interacts with the class. I know that it was a fairly long time ago since I went to School (quiet in the back) but I didn't realise just how much School had changed.

Top Ender took Granny along this time and I must admit that I did wind Granny up a little bit. I made sure to take a photo of Granny on her first day of school, and made sure that she had been to the toilet before she walked to School. I made sure that Granny had a packed lunch with a note in saying that I hope that she was being a good girl and that I would pick her up soon.

Top Ender and Granny going to School

I even called Daddy at work to make sure that Granny and Top Ender had got to school okay. He told me that Granny had cried a little bit when he had left her in the hall as she was scared that the other grannies would bully her for her special packed lunch, but soon perked up at the offer of a coffee....

By far the best bit of the day for me was when I went to collect Granny from School at the end of Lunch. Top Enders school, like many others, has a locked gate with an intercom when you want to get on the property. Pushing the intercom I suddenly realised that I was about to say the oddest thing ever over a School Intercom;

"Hi, it's erm Pippa. Top Enders Mum. I'm here to pick up my Mum..." I then started giggling as did the Office Staff.

Granny behaved most wonderfully (or so I have been told) even talking to the headmaster and deputy head about the differences between when she went to school and her time at school with Top Ender that day. Granny later told me that it was an eye opener as to modern teaching methods and allowed her a good look into Top Enders life at School.

If other schools are thinking of starting this programme I would thoroughly recommend it, I think it allows the Children a great way to show the school to those who are important in their lives and it brings in a huge feeling of community too.