No Ferrero at Christmas is like not having Turkey

When I was younger Christmas was a huge deal. We would really push the boat out with snacks and treats for during Christmas Day and the rest of the Holiday period. We would buy pickles and sweets and chocolates and crisps and nuts and everything else like Ferrero Rocher that at any other time of the year would be considered as luxurious treats. On Christmas Day the foods were a tradition, they were a chance to show our friends and family that we were affluent, we were posh, we were the kind of family that casually offered our guests luxury snacks as if we ate them everyday.

It was a tradition that I brought to my marriage, we have treats every night in advent, and on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and every night right up to Top Ender's birthday on the 3rd of January. For Top Ender, Baby Boy and me there are a lot more treats that we can eat than Daddy and Ferrero Rocher are one of the treats that are just for us. This year we had a card sent to us from Ferrero and because they remembered that Daddy can't eat the treats it was just Top Ender, Baby Boy and I that were featured on the card!

Ferrero have a new website which I had read about at a couple of other blogs and there is a quiz so you can see what type of Ferrero you are and even some tips on how to create the Perfect Christmas Day. I like the idea of that, and several of the tips are ones that we already include in our big day! I just hope that this year someone buys me some Ferrero...