An Adventure for Big Boy and Mummy

Last Friday Big Boy and I went on an adventure. I knew that I was going to be away from Big Boy for the whole weekend and so I thought that some quality one on one time might make it easier on Big Boy me us. We started the day by Daddy giving us a lift to the far end of the high street. We walked through a church yard looking at decorative grave stones with carved marble hands clasped in prayer, Angels and prayer books and details of the loved ones who had been left behind.

We carried on our adventure by going to the park and played on the swings and slide and climbing apparatus and made a friend who Big Boy played in the wild flowers with (and I think I made a new Mum friend too) before we both set off on the rest of our day.
Big Boy adventuring in the wild flowers

Big Boy and I walked up the high street, pretending to be a band performing on the band stand, looking in the shop windows at the wares for sale, laughing at the greengrocer who was juggling tomatoes and the butcher who was pretending to juggle his knives. We jumped over the cracks in the path and made our way to the local supermarket to pick up some food for an impromptu picnic lunch.

We walked to another local park and found a place to have our picnic in the middle of the field before finding a recycling bin to recycle our rubbish in. We cuddled and munched and slurped our drinks and enjoyed the sunshine of the afternoon.

Mini Sausages for our family fun picnic

Big Boy chased after bubbles and zoomed around excited to have so much space just for him. He made friends with a couple of ladies on their lunch hour who had come to the park for a gossip and catch up and who enjoyed just watching him enjoy himself.

Big Boy chasing a bubble on our adventure

We went into the play area and Big Boy swung on the swings higher than ever before and screamed with laughter at the ground rushing up towards him as he swung.

Big Boy on the swings at the park

We walked home and held hands and giggled as we walked along in the shade. We saw the Queen and Prince Phillip (no really we did!) and gave them a little wave and wondered what would happen if they were to pop into our house for a cup of tea (we offered on Twitter), a biscuit and a natter. We were quite pleased that they didn't as our living room was a little bit messy and we only had a little bit of milk in.

It was such a special day, we had so much fun and got so much pleasure from the simple things, the free things and just being together. It was the best Big Boy and Mummy adventure that we have ever had. Until the next one that is.