Day One of the Summer Holidays

The first day of the Summer Holidays was a fantastic start to our holidays. We decided to go to the park in the morning before coming back home to do some chores and play in the garden. It was a great start to the day with all of us using the short walk as a wake up to the beautiful summers day.

Having some fun on the swings Family style!

Because it was such a nice day we knew that we had to make the most of it and so we packed up a picnic and headed to the Blue Lagoon, a local man made lake. Although Top Ender and Big Boy have both been for walks around the lake in the past, they have never really seen the lake and they don't know the stories about it so we sat at the end watching Dragonflies dart about whilst I told them about the treasures of sunken cars, planes and a bus that await divers wanting to increase their skills. 

Big Boy relaxing at the Blue LagoonTop Ender looking out over the Blue Lagoon to see if she can spot the submerged vehicles

It was a great way to spend a couple of hours, relaxing and chatting, eating food and trying to spot in the crystal clear water the submerged vehicles and we all caught the sun as well as had a giggle together. It really was peaceful, and just looking out over the lake trying to spot fish amongst the reeds made me remember the lazy layabout days that I had experienced as a child.

The Blue Lagoon

We decided to walk the long way home and whilst I was looking at the beautiful golden field and the babbling stream, Top Ender and Big Boy walked along the path a little further ahead of where I was standing.

Golden Field we saw on our Fun Family Walk HomeBabbling Stream we saw on our Fun Family Walk

It was when I looked back to the path and Top Ender and Big Boy that I saw this.

Top Ender and Big Boy holding hands like family should

My two perfect children walking hand in hand together down the path. It was a beautiful sight and I knew that the Summer Holidays this year were going to be FANTASTIC!