Why a Cookie made me cry

All this week Emma from Me, The Man and The Baby has been instant messaging Vic from Glowstars and I. She kept asking us if there was anything interesting in the post to which we kept answering that there wasn't. Then today a parcel arrived and although it said it was from the lovely Amy Lane of Cooking, Cakes & Children I knew that this was the package that Emma was waiting for me to receive. There was a problem though, it didn't just have my name on the address label, it was addressed to Top Ender too.

I decided that I had to wait to open the surprise, even though I knew that there was more than likely some form of cake in the jiffy bag, until Top Ender was home from school. Only five hours to wait, I could do that... I couldn't. I ended up opening the jiffy bag and finding two parcels one for me and one for Top Ender.

I had to open mine and inside I found this;

Despite this being the best way I have ever been asked anything, I burst into tears. Big fat happy tears that will no doubt be running down my face the day Emma gets married too. Guessing what Top Ender's said I couldn't wait for her to come home from School and open her parcel and thought that as Auntie Emma couldn't be with us for the moment that a video might be nice;

(Video can be seen at http://youtu.be/nnpKqS0ke8Q)

The answer to both questions Emma is of course YES! And just so you all know, the cookies tasted lovely!