The Glamour Mansion from Argos

We were given the Glamour Mansion from Argos to review.

When I was younger I had the biggest Dolls house ever. It was as tall as me and meant that my Sindy's (I wasn't a Barbie girl) had plenty of space to store their clothes, working shower, working lights, red leather sofa and countless other accessories I had collected or inherited (Thanks Aunties T and C!). Top Ender did play with it a couple of times, but to be honest it just wasn't sturdy enough as it was made of plastic which is going brittle with age and cardboard. Argos let me know about the new dolls house, or rather Glamour Mansion, that they were going to be bringing out and asked if Top Ender would like to have one to review. Knowing that with the 60+ dolls and accessories that she has that this would make perfect sense we eagerly agreed.
Argos Glamour Mansion

I don't know what I was expecting to arrive, but the Glamour Mansion was a very pleasant surprise. The dolls house is self assembly, but the wooden pieces are really solid and I put it together surprisingly quickly considering that Big Boy tried to help me and Daddy says I have terrible DIY Skills. The house is really solid and has taken a fair battering from Top Ender and Big Boy and even Daddy said that nothing needed tightening!

Argos Glamour MansionArgos Glamour MansionArgos Glamour Mansion

Just like my dolls house when I was younger this Glamour Mansion is perfect for Barbie and Sindy sized dolls (I think they are called Fashion Dolls these days!) and the different areas of the house are well designed meaning that even Top Ender hasn't yet come up with a situation that she hasn't been able to set somewhere in the house! Even the balcony has had it's fair share of conversations, arguments and dance parties!

Argos Glamour Mansion

It isn't just Top Ender who has been playing with the house though. Big Boy loves the dolls house and will often be found moving the dolls around the glamour mansion whilst they take part in some game of his. It's been brilliant watching him and Top Ender play together with the dolls house whenever they can.

Big Boy and Top Ender having fun with the Argos Glamour Mansion

I must admit that I have been playing with the house a fair bit too, it is just so inviting sitting there with its accessories (A bed, hanging rail for the bedroom, kitchen unit, sofa, bath and a few other pieces) and the dolls that Big Boy and Top Ender have to make sure are tucked in at night before they go to bed too! Who knows maybe I will even video a little story for us all based on a day at Glamour Mansion!

The Glamour Mansion is £129.99 in Argos and will be in the catalogue out on the 30th July.