Salcey Forest - A place of Fun and Exercise!

Not too far from where we are in Milton Keynes is a Forest called Salcey Forest and it is in Northamptonshire. We have been several times as a family, to walk around the routes as not only is it a great place to visit to see some magnificent trees and wildlife but it is also a great place to get a bit of exercise, especially on a Sunday afternoon to work off my infamous Roast Dinners!
Salcey Forest

Last Sunday it was nice and bright and warm so we decided to head over to Salcey Forest to try to wear out Top Ender and Big Boy and we wanted to get a dose of Vitamin D too! We parked by the cafe and toilet block (the toilets are clean and big and the cafe is always busy when we go during it's opening hours) and paid for our parking on the very handy pay by phone option. There are three routes around the forest, The Woodpecker Trail, The Church Path Walk and The Elephant Walk. We have been so often and know the routes so well, we sort of just made our own walk up following a bit of The Church Path Walk and The Elephant Walk!

We didn't plan it but as we set off walking around Salcey Forest Daddy and Top Ender led the way talking together about the week they had had, what they were looking forward to and teasing each other with little personal jokes. Big Boy and I were only just behind them, but we too were chatting away and playing games together. A little bit further down the path and Big Boy was walking with Daddy and Top Ender was walking with me. Again we all chatted and before long Top Ender and Big Boy were walking together chatting and Daddy and I were able to have a catch up.

The Family

We did stop on the way round to take a photo of us all together but we were having so much fun together as a family but also one on one that before we knew it we were back at the start of our walk and we had been walking for an hour! I know I say it a lot, but I really do love spending time with this family of mine.