Who are you? (Who who?)

I was reading an old post from Diary of A desperate Exmoor Woman where Jane googled herself and found out who she was (well who shared her name anyway) so I thought I would nick it and turn it into a meme.
I am Pippa!
Will the real Pippa please stand up?
Okay so using my real name I am;

* An author and according to The Bookseller

"We’re all thrilled that Pippa is coming to Pan Macmillan. Katy Henderson Loses Control is the funniest, cleverest and most original debut novel I’ve read in this genre for a long time."
So there, my debut novel was the funniest, cleverest and most original... might read it, it sounds good.
* I write A Mothers Ramblings. Which is boring because I do. I also write at Pippa World though!
* I'm a Psychologist, coach and mother and I have lots of letters after my name.
* I'm a front of house manager in Australia. I think that means I make houses look pretty.
* I'm a headmistress in New Zealand and
* I'm a florist. I always wanted to be a florist.

I also happen to know from a previous google of myself that I am a character in a book who killed her bosses wife...

So I am tagging;

Jen and

And all you have to do is google your name but incognito eg not signed into Google and discover who you are!