I must go down to the sea again

This weekend, (apart from having gone to Latitude with Rowse Honey) we stayed at my Nan's on the Norfolk coast. Spending some time on Sunday morning on the beach and watching Top Ender paddling in the sea reminded me just why I love the seaside so much. 

Top Ender is seven and a little world weary, she understands far too much about the world she lives in and the pressures that effect everyday life. I swear I was a lot older than seven when I realised that the world can be a harsh place to live in. Seeing her on the beach though, running in and out of the waves, giggling at the coldness of the water, she was my little girl again, the one who loves cuddles and stories about fairies.

Top Ender Paddling in the sea - Traditional Family Fun

There is such an innocence in digging your toes into the sand and splashing in the waves that I think everyone should do it when life is starting to get too much. Who knows maybe if we can keep that childlike innocence in our everyday lives, the world might just be a little bit better.