A Mothers Ramblings Summer Holiday World Tour

This Summer Top Ender, Big Boy and I are off on a world tour. For the next six weeks we are going to eat exotic dishes, learn about different cultures and customs take in a few sights and if we are lucky pick up some foreign languages. It is going to be exhausting cramming it all into the summer holidays, but we know that we are going to have fun together and hopefully learn something new everyday.

Well, this isn't strictly true. You see we are going on a world tour, this Summer holidays but from our own living room, which means that we can do our 100 Free Things To Do In The Summer Holidays too!
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The theme for our Summer Holiday this year is travel and so we are going to base all our activities around this, and just in case you want to join in I thought I would list out at the start of the week where we are going and what we are doing so you could join in!

Each week we will visit the landmarks the country is most known for (either by creating them ourselves, finding something similar locally or the good old Internet), create something crafty from the country and of course plan our meals to reflect the cuisine of the area we are visiting. We want our passports to get stamped in every country we visit too so we shall be making our own passports and making our own stickers to stick on our pin board suitcase too.

The countries that we are planning on visiting this year are;

China and Japan
and Lapland.

Let us know if you plan to join us and feel free to take the badge below!

A Mothers Ramblings World Tour Badge

And don't forget it's first class travel and luxury hotels all the way!