Making Chores Fun - Cleaning the Windows

Just like going on the School Run, there are chores that Top Ender, Big Boy and I like to do together. One of our favourites is cleaning the windows because we have so many ways to make this fun depending upon which window we are cleaning!

Making Chores fun and cleaning the windows

Our main living room window is fun to clean because we are allowed to stand on the windowsill to clean it and because Top Ender and Big Boy know that when it is clean we will normally be sticking something in it (like Breast pad Snowmen or Hama Bead Easter Bunnies) for a seasonal display!

Top Ender and I love to clean this window together by standing on opposite sides of the window and playing noughts and crosses using window pens before wiping it all off and cleaning the window, but as Top Ender is getting much better at noughts and crosses than she used to be I'm not sure we will be playing that one for much longer...

So that is how we make cleaning the windows fun, how about you?