Auntie Giggles - A Christmas Mystery

aka "The one where I almost tell my 30year old Sister the truth about Santa"

I called my sister the other morning to tell her about a new Christmas tradition that I am starting this year as I wanted to know if she would like to join in. I started to explain to her that the Elf on the Shelf was a small Elf that came and lived with you for December and each night using Elf magic travelled to the North Pole to report direct to Santa on what he had seen during the day before using his Elf magic to return to your home and indulging in a spot of mischief such as building a Snowman out of Marshmallows or hiding in the Christmas Tree.

I explained that I would pay for this if she was interested and it would be part of my Christmas gift to her and her family. She paused for a second and I assumed this was her thinking it over.

"How Does it Work?" she asked
"What do you mean?" I queried
"Well, how does he move about?" she questioned
"Kitty, it's not real! The Elf is a toy, you move it! Do I have to tell you the truth about Santa too?" I laughed
"Yeah, I think you might!" she giggled back

Elf on a Shelf - A Fun Family Christmas Tradition
I want to call him Kurt, he looks like a Kurt to me.