Dental Surgery, The Worst Mother Ever And A Lot of Love

Wednesday morning after dropping Top Ender off at my lovely lovely Neighbours house just after 7am (Have I mentioned how lovely my Neighbours are?), Big Boy, Daddy and I went to our local hospital for the surgery to remove and check over Big Boy's teeth. Actually before we go any further Sally if you are reading this you might want to stop because we all know you hate my pictures of the Dentist!
Pippa at the Dentists
Yes that is a picture of me at the Dentist having a wisdom tooth removed and smiling.
I'm not going to talk about keeping Big Boy amused whilst we waited for his surgery slot, I'm not going to talk about how heart breaking it was trying to get Big Boy to be calm as he was put under general anaesthetic, not how when he came round he was screaming and covered in his own blood and the only thing that was calming him down was me getting up on the trolley and hugging him and getting covered in his blood even though I hate blood and have been known to pass out on sight of it. I'm not even going to talk about dental hygiene again.

Wednesday was really hard on all of us.

It was hard on Top Ender who acted so brave until the last moment when she cried as we dropped her off at our lovely Neighbours house because she was scared that her brother would be hurt and she didn't fully understand what was going to happen. We agreed that I would call the School as soon as Big Boy was out of surgery and have someone pass a message on to her that everything was fine.

It was hard on Daddy and me because this was out of our hands and we had to put our trust into the Dental team who would be treating Big Boy to make the choices that they were trained to make. We were scared and worried and frightened and just wanted to be there for Big Boy without having to actually be the evil parents making him stay in hospital and have his teeth removed rather than risk further issues in the future.

As it turns out everything was fine.

Daddy and I sat either side of Big Boy's hospital bed holding on to his hand whilst he slept off the anaesthetic. The four teeth that were removed were in a pot at the end of the bed waiting to be taken home for the Tooth Fairy to collect. Jen sent me a text to let us know she was thinking of us and it was reading this that made me cry. I cried with relief that it was over, that no sinister plot line was added to our family story, that Big Boy had to have his teeth removed, that Top Ender had been secretly worried about what was going to happen and because it felt good to release in this way. We could hear everything else going on in the ward, but in our little curtained area there was just calm and love as we watched Big Boy sleep.

Gums will heal, bruises will fade but that feeling of calm and love will last a while longer I hope.