Nature's Path Gluten Free Cereals - A Review By Daddy

We were sent two packs of Gluten Free Cereal to review. As they were Gluten Free I got to eat them!

In my recent post on Gluten Free food I spoke about snacks and main meals, but completely forgot what is supposed to be the "most important meal of the day". And that is apparently Breakfast. The snacks I reviewed came from Australia, but the two breakfast cereals I've been road testing are from the UK (Berkshire, in fact), so there is a true international feel to my gluten free experiments but we are at least slightly closer to home.

The first Nature's Path cereal I tried is their Mesa Sunrise. These are cereal flakes made with organic corn, flax, quinoa and amaranth. Now, they taste good and don't have the stodginess that some gluten free cereals develop after time spent in milk, but I wasn't entirely sure what three of the ingredients were so here are some facts:
Nature's Path Mesa Sunrise Cereal

Flax is also known as Linseed. It's seeds are high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

Quinoa is grain-like. Its seeds are related to spinach. It has to be processed to remove a bitter coating before eating.

Amaranth is a herb. It's rich in protein and essential amino acids. One seedhead can contain 500,000 seeds.

So now I know!

The newer product is Maple Sunrise which adds buckwheat and rice to the ingredients, but appears as a series of flakes, crunchy bits and little balls. The flavouring is handled by maple syrup, which makes this a lovely rich cereal - great taste and crunch.

Nature's Path Maple Sunrise Cereal

Pippa says that Nature's Path believes that gluten free doesn't have to mean boring and dull, which is how she finds a lot of the Gluten free products that we eat on a regular basis at home. In fact she didn't want to try the Nature's Path cereals as she was convinced they would taste of cardboard, but the couple of spoonfuls that she stole from my bowl pleasantly suprised her.

Each Nature's Path product is ideal for anyone following a wheat free or gluten free diet (and they are endorsed by Coeliac UK) but are also tasty enough for anyone to enjoy... if they can wrestle the box from me that is!

Of the two I will certainly be buying the Maple Sunrise again and if you want to try them for yourself, you can check online at to check if your favourite supermarket or shop stocks the cereals and their other products too.