Slow Cookers, Schwartz, Chocolate Cake and Me

I didn't get paid for this blog post, but for the video you will see I did get a slow cooker, dinner and paid for my time. Not that it is relevant, but you know full disclosure and all that.
Several years ago I got a slow cooker. I can't really remember why I wanted one but I know that I got it and that I was in love with it. For Christmas that year I brought one for my Mum and Dad and I printed off a folder full of recipes and included some of my own making and I couldn't enthuse enough how I loved this simple piece of kitchen ware. When my mum didn't need her slow cooker any more (it was for a family and there was just her) she gave it to me, and when my Nan didn't need her slow cooker any more (she managed to find a smaller one) she gave it to me too. I did manage to kill one of them but I like having more than one as it means I can make dinner in one and pudding in another!

Morphy Richards Slow Cooker

So all of my slow cookers have been Morphy Richards, which was quite handy when Schwartz asked if I wouldn't mind being part of a campaign about their range of Slow Cooker recipe mixes in conjunction with Morphy Richards Slow Cookers. A very nice chap came and filmed me making dinner for my family and then filmed us eating it! You can see the video below just don't laugh okay?!

(The video can be seen at

If you enjoyed that video then there are some more that you might recognise a few people in, and you can find them here, here and here! Now as much as I love Schwartz this isn't a post about them (even though it easily could be as the recipe mixes are actually really lovely and we eat them on a Thursday when Daddy isn't around as they aren't gluten free) it's about my passionate affair with my slow cookers. What I love is that you can throw the ingredients in, switch it on and then leave it for the day, or indeed the night if you fancy waking up to a cooked breakfast.

One of my favourite things to bake in the Slow Cookers is pudding and when the other night I mentioned chocolate cake done in the slow cooker not surprisingly everyone wanted to know how to make it. I can't remember where I first got this recipe from, but it has had a couple of adaptations and so now it belongs to me!

Pippa's once stolen but now it's hers Chocolate Cake for the Slow Cooker

1 Packet ready to mix Chocolate Cake Mix
1 Packet Chocolate or toffee (if you are wanting to mix it up) Pudding mix (Angel Delight or similar)
5 Eggs (You can get away with four if you aren't using Gluten free mixes as I have to now)
250ml Water
450g Sour Cream (Trust me)
175ml Vegetable Oil
50g Plain Chocolate Chips
50g White Chocolate Chips
50g Milk Chocolate Chips (or if like me you hate plain accidentally buy two packs of milk...)

Wipe around the inside of the slow cooker with a bit of oil, you can spray it with something like the sunflower spray but I don't like them. Combine the dry ingredients in a big bowl, the wet ingredients in another and then mix in to the dry bowl (which should be massive). Add the Chocolate chips in once smooth.

Pour in to the slow cooker and then cook on low for 7/8 hours. I used to put it on at work at 9am and we would eat it at about 5pm before we went home! The top should be spongey and spring back when you push it after this time and if it doesn't then you did it wrong and it wasn't my instructions...

Serve hot with cream or ice-cream or the favourite for my old boss, custard!

Let me know if you make the Chocolate Cake, so I can come round and help you finish it...