The Beach

I love going down to the beach at my Nan's. There is something so calming about the water and the sand and of course there are a million different memories for me there too. My grandparents moved to the seaside 25 years ago and every summer my sister and I went to stay with them for a couple of weeks (not to mention half terms and other seasonal celebrations such as Christmas and Easter) and so this small village is a huge part of me. I know its rhythms, its smells and its sounds. I love the way the people in the village say my name with their slower drawling Norfolk accent, the way that you can hear the sea from my Nan's garden, that I can walk up any road and know someone who lives there.
Seaweed on a Groyne

So much had changed since when we went down last and I'm wishing that I could pause time and keep the village as it is in my memory. I know that one day we will go and it will be unrecognisable as the place so many of my memories were made. I guess time doesn't just make the paint fade but it lets the places change and it's up to us that we don't forget.

Faded Keep Access Clear Sign

I don't think that Daddy realised that the 360 picture he took on the beach was going to be so important to me, that they would help me freeze a moment in time and feel more secure in my little cocoon of memories but it has.