Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes

Absolutely ages ago I found out something amazing about my slow cooker that honestly nearly blew my mind. I did mean to put it in my post that went live this morning about my Slow Cooker but I forgot... When I did originally find out about it, I tweeted about it, I put it on facebook and it was such an amazing little nugget that the next day when I saw some friends for the Super Savvy Me filming one of the first things that they all asked me was about this amazing discovery. Now if you were paying attention you will have noticed that I have already told you what this amazing thing is in the title of this post, I discovered that my beautiful little Slow Cooker can make Jacket Potatoes.

Honestly this is amazing news. If you have one of these;

Slow Cooker

You can wash potatoes, give them a quick stab (you have to stab potatoes it's the law) wrap them in foil and then leave them in the Slow Cooker for a few hours (8 to 10 if cooked on low, 2 to 3 if cooked on high) with as much as possible of the potato touching the side and bottom of the slow cooker (that gets you the crispy skin) with no liquid and then when you come back to them, it will look like this;

Slow Cooker with Jacket Potatoes in

And then you can whip them out and turn them into Mice!

Jacket Potato Mice

Or you know serve it with Casserole, or beans or tuna or whatever else you like to eat with Jacket Potatoes!