Zhu Zhu Pets: Quest for Zhu

We received a copy of the film to review.

When I told Top Ender a copy of the Zhu Zhu Pets: Quest for Zhu film was waiting for her to watch on the way home from School one night, I thought that Justin Beiber had suddenly walked in front of us with the screaming that suddenly came from Top Ender. Apparently this was going to be the best ever film and she was going to make sure that her Zhu Zhu pets could all come and sit with her to watch. Big Boy, Top Ender and several Zhu Zhu pets (that I didn't even realise we owned) came and sat on the sofa to watch as Pipsqueak travels to the other size of the Zhuniverse (see what they did there) on a quest to find the Palace of Zhu, where they believe that all their dreams will come true.

Zhu Zhu Pets: Quest for Zhu DVD Cover

Along the way she meets Chunk, Num Nums and Mr Squiggles (all of which I recognise from the games and toys that Top Ender and Big Boy have) and they journey together across the Amazhun Jungle, the wild and wacky ApeHam, past Zhurasics and a giant yeti hamster! At last they arrive at the Palace of Zhu but find out that what they hoped was the end and bringing forward their dreams they find that the palace has been taken over by Mezhula and enslaved all the hamsters. They work together using their skills to save the day and Pipsqueak realises that her home was where she wanted to be all the time.

Zhu Zhu Pets: Quest for Zhu Team

Top Ender and Big Boy loved the film and have watched it several times since we got it, they love the bonus sing-a-long music videos and have had friends round for tea for the only reason of having them join in too!

The DVD is available now on both Blu-ray 3D and DVD and has a U certificate so is perfect for all the family and will make someone's Christmas stocking extra special. The RRP for the DVD is £14.99 and for the Blu-ray 3D has an RRP of £24.99.