Animal Planet Magazine

Top Ender is becoming a voracious reader. I'm not surprised as I can quite easily read a book in a day given half a chance! It was with great delight that Top Ender received a copy of the Animal Planet magazine to review as it combines two of her favourite things... animals and reading.
Animal Planet Logo

The magazine was interesting, it had a few articles in that Tops was fascinated by and she kept coming to find me to tell me tidbits of information that she had read and thought needed to be shared. There were a few things to do that were crafty but Tops wasn't interested in doing them and even the free gift from the front of the magazine was soon discarded. I think that the magazine was good as it kept Tops amused and she was interested in what she was reading and of course it had the added benefit of her learning something too but it wasn't right for her.

We had been offered a six month subscription if we liked the magazine, but Top Ender has decided to decline the offer as she thinks that she will get bored of the magazine and there isn't anything in the magazine that she couldn't find out on the internet or in books. Of course some children will love the magazine and they will enjoy taking part in the activities in the magazine. You can get a subscription via the Animal Planet Magazine website and it is a good magazine, it just wasn't right for Top Ender.

Just to be totally clear we received the magazine for free and were offered a subscription for six months which we haven't taken up.