Fun Family Cakes

Posting about the Cat bread this morning, made me think about the last time we ate something cat shaped as a family. Any time Daddy, Top Ender, Big Boy or I are in London we try to go to the Japan Centre. It is by far my favourite store and I could spend hours standing around having fun looking at the different products that the shop sells, buying bits for the bento lunches I make for Top Ender and Big Boy and trying to work out if I need another bottle of Soy Sauce or packet of noodles and why it is so hard to teach yourself to read Japanese.

The last time we went to the store we brought some character "cakes" for a late afternoon snack. We chose Hello Kitty and Totoro cakes (they are about the size of a large doughnut) and we ate them sitting on the sofa in our pyjamas after a long, but fun, train journey home.

Hello Kitty


My plan is to try and make some breads that we can make look like other favourite characters in the future. Perfect for family fun as we try to create the right shapes, eat the disasters and watch lots of cartoons for inspiration!