Family Fun At The Library

Here in Milton Keynes we are spoilt for Libraries as there are so many that we have access too. I love going to any of the local libraries and taking Top Ender and/or Big Boy as I think that they are a great place to go as a family. I love that we can go and sit and read for free, that we can find books that we think we might like to read and borrow them for free and in our area we can even use PC's to access the internet for free too.

We tend to go every couple of weeks on a Friday evening to what I think of as the "main" library. Daddy and the children head off to the Children's section whilst I return the books and have a quick look at the seasonal books on display and head off to find a few books that I might like to have a read of. I then find my family in the Children's section where they are normally surrounded by a pile of books that Daddy has to read to them and a pile of books that they wish to borrow. I then read some more books to Top Ender and Big Boy (and sometimes other children who decide a story is a story no matter who is reading it) whilst Daddy has a look round.

As a family trip out it doesn't seem all that exciting compared to a trip to a theme park or a walk around a lake but it really is magical when you think about what you can do and get at a library. You can build a love of books and reading without having to buy a single book. You can read about anything that takes your interest, teach yourself a new skill, discover new recipes, learn about the past and that is just for starters!

Our Library cards

Big Boy and I went to the library today and spent a good hour with me reading books to him. We selected a few more and borrowed them on Big Boy's own library card (we ticked that one off on our Things to do before starting school a while ago but forgot to blog about it!) before we got the bus home (I had also got some books out so the bag was really heavy). It was the perfect start to the day and will provide the perfect end as we cuddle up to read a bedtime story together. I don't think most families can ask for a better way to have fun than that.

I am curious though as to what libraries are like in other areas, are the libraries near you good or bad? Do you wish you could change anything about them or are they perfect as they are?