Forget Nappy Cakes

With my newest niece being born just a few days ago, I wanted to give my Sister and her partner a gift that and decided on some Baby Clothes. I wanted to do some form of Nappy cake and as I had already checked with my Sister what size clothes they were lacking in (I tend not to buy for the first couple of stages if I can help it as everyone does and you get overwhelmed with clothes that get grown out of so quickly!) and brought the usual assortment of vests, socks, sleep suits and a couple of outfits that I just couldn't resist.

How to make them look attractive as a gift though? A plain standard nappy cake is all well and good but how about something more in sync with the recipients? How about this;

Baby Clothes in shape of Alcoholic Drinks - Forget Nappy Cakes!

A glass of white wine for my sister and a pint of beer for my brother in law. I just used tissue paper to cover the inside of the glasses and slotted a vest inside. With the wine glass there was enough "wine" left over to fold over the top and for the beer glass a frothy head covered the clothes inside.

I think they look great and I'm sure that they will go down well too!