A Gluten Free Cheese and Mustard Loaf

Since discovering that Daddy was a celiac we have pretty much led a Gluten free life here at A Mothers Ramblings. It's not a bad life once you work out that the normal rules of cooking don't apply and that with a bit of adaptation you can make almost anything using gluten free flour... everything apart from a decent loaf of bread that is. You can buy wheat free bread and for the most part they are okay, but you know how bread is when you bite in to it? Light and fluffy and crunchy and delicate and yummy all at the same time? Yeah, Gluten free bread is nothing like that.

As part of the Morphy Richards House Proud Innovators I was sent a Premium Plus Stainless Steel Breadmaker to try and reading through the instruction booklet I found that there was a few Gluten free breads and cakes. As all of the ingredients were things that I normally have in my gluten free pantry I knew I could make something easily but it wasn't until Daddy's birthday that I had the opportunity to get everything together. I decided to make a Cheese and Mustard Loaf and updated my progress on Facebook and Twitter.

Gluten Free dough in the Morphy Richards Premium Plus Stainless Steel Breadmaker

The bread dough smelt amazing the mustard and cheese wasn't over powering but it did permeate the Kitchen and when it was cooling I was trying really hard not to have a test slice... until I was asked by so many people about how it tasted. I sneaked a crust whilst it was still warm and accidentally smothered it in butter. It was lovely. It was light and fluffy and yummy and all at the same time. That isn't something I can say happens often with the Gluten free bread I eat.

The Cheese and Mustard Gluten Free Loaf

The real test of course happened later when Daddy, my SMIL and my FIL all had a piece of the bread (again there was butter involved) all of them agreed that the bread was nice. My FIL said that it was edible which is a step up from all the other gluten free breads he has eaten in the past and my SMIL agreed that it tasted lovely.

Gluten Free Cheese and Mustard

And now for all those who are asking for the recipe, because this is in the Morphy Richards Bread Maker booklet I don't know how it will work with other bread makers or making it by hand. This is the link to the recipe booklet and the recipe is page 23!

The bread maker is easy to use, it produces a nice sized loaf and with it's different levels of crust browning there looks to be a setting that should please everyone. Of course there are a lot more different types of bread and cakes that can be made if you aren't on a restricted gluten free diet and I've set the bread maker to produce a loaf of bread to finish just as I get up today. I'll let you know how it tastes later today!

The bread maker costs £139.99 and so far I think it's great.