Tell Me About Your Packed Lunch

Hello Everyone!

A conversation over the weekend has my creative lunch idea juices flowing, but I need your help.

Can you please let me know of restrictions that the School your child goes to puts on what goes in your children's lunch boxes?

Are you allowed chocolate biscuits or Crisps?

Do you have to have a portion of fruit or vegetables?

Do they limit the amount of dairy?

Are they not allowed things like peanuts because of other children's allergies?

Sandwich Sushi

I'd also really love to know how long your child gets to eat lunch and what sort of provisions are made for storing packed lunches until lunch time.

Do they have a cold area to store them in or an area they can heat up food?

What kind of lunch box do you use?

Do you use cold packs or Thermos packs?

A Rainbow Lunch

And the last area that I would really love to have some feedback on is you (and other grown ups) and the packed lunch.

How long do you spend making a packed lunch?

Do you make packed lunches the night before or in the morning before School?

Do you make a packed lunch for more than one person and if so who? Eg you or your partner?

Do you make yourself a packed lunch and do you have the same as your children?

Do you pack leftovers for anyone?

Feel free to leave a comment here about anything you think relevant or you can email me or talk to me on Twitter if you wish!