What You Missed If You Don't Live With Me

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I've not been around for the last week or so, but since the start of the New Year I have been in a bit of a funk. I think it was brought on by me being me and on top of that being ill, but the good news is it has passed and so the blogging resumes! I have so much that I wanted to talk about or wanted to share and so I thought a little bit of a catch up was in order and so here it is!

In December I was sent a huge parcel of toys. Really it was huge, it took up most of my stairs.
Toys, toys and more toys

In it there was Mission Earth, Wild Science for Girls, Children's World Map Puzzleball, Schleich animal pack, Morbs, Sylvanian Families Family, Fireman Sam Fire engine, Zhu Zhu Princess, RastaMouse, 50th Anniversary Etch a Sketch, Club Penguin Puffles & Penguins and a Mould and Paint Christmas set. I did what every good friend does and gave it all away to people in the School Playground or to Top Ender's class teacher for use in her classroom. I thought that you all wouldn't mind that I didn't run it as a competition as I didn't have enough money to cover the postage to send to the winners. If you want to send me money that is fine however...

The New Zealand Honey Co challenged me to live two weeks on Natural Remedies. It came in quite useful as the night it arrived, BB fell and cut his forehead quite badly. I'm not sure that the delicious smell coming from the box of natural remedies was supposed to calm me down but that is what it did...

I munched my way through the month and tried the new Belvita Breakfast Yogurt Crunch bars. They are supposed to be eaten as part of a balanced breakfast, but BB and I found them much more fun as a mid morning snack as there are two in each foil packet. At £2.49 they are a good add to the trolley if you are on the run at breakfast time.

I have worn my Zaggora hotpants, what feels like non stop. In fact I have worn them so much that the threads are starting to come out from the constant pulling on and off! I'm not sure if I can say that all my weight loss is down to them, but I do think that some of it is and I will continue to wear them until they fall apart! The children think it is hilarious that I rustle as I walk but I'm not convinced it is as funy as they are making out...

We borrowed a Chevrolet Orlando and with it's seven seats it would be the perfect car for my Sister as her family is going to number six when her daughter is born in the next week or so. We loved the car and BB cried when it was taken back. I might have to see if I can save up to buy one although I think we might be sticking to the toy version for now.

Asleep in the Chevrolet Orlando

One of my MIL's and I are hoping this year to make most of the gifts we give to friends and family this year and so the Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure Cuddle Proof Master Classes in Crocheting, Knitting and Quilting have come at a perfect time for me as I plan to add these crafts to my plans of what I can make for everyone!

We were sent more DVD's in December than it should be possible for one person to watch in a month, but watch them we did. All the reviews will be going up in the Movie Review section of A Mothers Ramblings and there are a couple of comps coming up too so keep your eyes open!

We have been cooking with Cadbury's (The Recipe was from The Pink Whisk which is fast becoming my favourite baking site!) and discovering that baking with Xanthum Gum is a very different experience to baking without when you are gluten free!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles Cupcakes

So now I feel better as I have shared everything that I have partly started in my blog drafts and can be happy for the rest of the year!