Character Cra-z-loom Bracelet Bands #Review

When the Cra-z-loom craze was just starting in the States, several of the Youtubers that Top Ender follows were talking about the bands and the bracelets that they were creating, I knew that when Top Ender would get hold of one of the looms herself that we'd lose her to a life of making bracelets for herself and her friends. When we got a Character Cra-z-loom Bracelet Maker Top Ender is the sort of girl who loves to see what you need to do along with the instructions, so she got me to sit down with her to make the first bracelet so she'd be able to replicate what I'd done.

Character Cra-z-loom Bracelet Bands

The first bracelet that we made together was a simple single band bracelet, nice and easy and fairly quick to make. The only problem was, the bracelet was far too long for either Top Ender or I, so we reduced the length of the next bracelet.

Character Cra-z-loom Bracelet

After this second bracelet, Top Ender disappeared upstairs with a table and the bands and several bracelets later she came back downstairs. Top Ender has now started watching videos on Youtube to follow directions on how to make ever more complicated looking bracelets.

The set has an RRP of £14.99 and is a brilliant buy for girls who love crafting, especially this Easter.

We were sent the Character Cra-z-loom set to review.