Meal Plans W/C 8/3

The meals for this week seem to have been planned for ages, although I think its just because I've been thinking a lot about food recently!

Saturday - Curry

I've decided to make Saturday our curry night. The curry that Daddy made in the steamer last Saturday was so lovely that it needs to be repeated, many many times.

Chicken Korma and Rice

Sunday - Roast

We have the missionaries over for dinner today, one of the great things about this is they eat just about anything and another is that they are always so pleased to be invited! We're looking forward to getting to know these two young men and also to share some learning with them.

Meatless Monday - Quiche

The children love quiche, so a wedge of quiche and new potatoes and some form of veg will be a great meal. I'll have salad instead of potato.

Tuesday - Chicken Breast Burgers

I was thinking about having pizza tonight and getting the children to make it, but in the end I decided that a chicken breast burger was the best idea. We're having it with home made wedges and either a home made coleslaw or corn on the cob.

Wednesday - Salmon and something

We had Salmon last week and everyone was happy (mainly because we all love Salmon) so we're having it again tonight. I'm not sure how I'm serving it or even what with so until Wednesday I'll wing it!

Thursday - Pesto Pasta

The children are asking for Gnocchi yet again, but I think a different type of pasta is needed!

Friday - Pippa's Paella

My steamer hasn't replaced my lovely Morphy Richards Intellichef Multicooker, and just to prove it tonight we have my version of Paella made in it. I think I'm looking forward to this meal most!

Morpy Richards Intellichef Multicooker Paella

I think that this is a good week of food, what about you? Are you having anything good that I need to add to my plan next week or are you borrowing from my plan?