Pop Chef! #Review

You know how sometimes I make fun lunches for my children? Well, I've sort of stopped that. It's nothing that they have done, it's just I was starting to spend more and more time in the Kitchen cutting out pieces of food and it was getting a little... well it was getting repetitive and to be honest I don't think the children cared if I spent two seconds using a sandwich cutter or twenty minutes creating their favourite cartoon character.

It was as I was thinking about stopping completely that I was asked if I'd like to review a new product called Pop Chef. I looked at the product online and thought it looked fun and more importantly it looked like something the children would enjoy using too, no more complicated that a Cookie cutter and so I said yes, as maybe a new product would give me back my love of making something cute for the children and also get the children interested in joining in too.

Pop Chef

I have made plenty for the children with the tool, but the best thing I made was actually my lunch. Yup, I've been playing with the tools and making my lunch look pretty because why shouldn't I have a pretty lunch?!

Salad made to look special using Pop Chef

I actually really love the Pop Chef. It's so simple to use, you just slice up what you want to cut (fruit, bread. veggies, icing, cheese or meats etc) and then using the Pop Chef shape you want push it through the slice. You can do this several times, as the cut out and the bit you've cut from just push further up the tube until you've cut what you require.

Cucumber with Star cut out using Pop Chef

Then you get to place them across your salad, (as I've done) or put them on biscuits, or on/in sandwiches or whatever else it is you're making and you're done.

Cucumber Sun cut out using Pop ChefButterfly Sun cut out using Pop Chef

A simple and effective way of making any food item look fabulous and more tempting to children to eat. It's also been great for the children. Big Boy has created hundreds of different food combinations, in different shapes for himself to try and Top Ender made some great biscuits for some of our Neighbours.

Cucumber with Heart cut out using Pop Chef

The set has an RRP of £9.99 and is great fun.

We were sent Pop Chef to review. I think it's a fab, and have been making shaped slices of cheese to annoy Daddy with.