Evening Meals W/C 15/3

Evening All! It's been a great day, we had great fun together as a family (Daddy and Top Ender went out and Big Boy and I were at home) we went to a Baptism, went shopping, watched some great TV, had a great meal together and my husband has been laughing his head off almost all evening but won't tell me why. Which is annoying.

A picture of some Salad (which is better than a picture of Daddy laughing)

Anyway, here are our evening meal plans for this week.

Saturday - Chinese stir fry

We were going to have an Indian every Saturday night, but I really fancied a Chinese tonight so I went with a Turkey stir-fry. Luckily Daddy was on board with this and cooked it for me too, which was also grand!

Sunday - BBQ

Last week, when the Missionaries were round for the Sunday Roast we commented how bad it was that we were stuck indoors on a lovely day eating a heavy roast. We decided that what we wanted to do was cook something nice, filing but also good for the whole family.With the weather being unseasonably warm I decided that a BBQ would be good.

I just can't believe how many decisions I made this week!

Monday - Pasta salad

Top Ender thought a nice pasta salad would be great for a Meatless Monday meal, and so after agreeing with her and thinking about it, I added it in!

I just hope that BB doesn't claim I'm feeding him unhealthy salad again.

Tuesday - Sausage Lattice

Tops was with me when I was sorting the meal plan out this week and she asked for a Sausage Pie. I said to her that whilst this was a great idea, it was a bit heavy for what could possibly be a warm week. We agreed though that we'd use the idea and come up with something, which was how I came up with a Sausage Lattice.

Wednesday - Baked Sloppy Joes

A baked sloppy Joe is always a favourite in this household, and so we've added it for Wednesday night. I've made plans for a small one for Top Ender and Big Boy to have as Daddy will be coming home late and I'll plan something different for him as I'll be having Salad earlier in the night.

Thursday - Chicken and Salad (and Rice)

It's one of my FAVOURITE nights for dinner. Daddy has today off (he's taking the car to the garage which I know I could do but he has decided it's something he needs to do, but on the plus side it means we get a day together!) and so we're going to have a meal that he and I often ate with my family. Chicken and Salad and Rice.

Who knows we might even invite some guests.

Friday - Pizza

The children are going to eat earlier than Daddy and I, they are having Pizza mainly so that BBs blood sugars can be nice and stable before he goes to bed. Daddy and I will be eating either pizza later or maybe some other form of home made fakeaway.

So what are you having this week and what is your favourite fakeaway?