Easter Haribo, Lent and Me #Review

There are lots of things that I need to organise before Easter this year. I'm needing to sort out the back garden, arrange the Easter Egg Hunt, organise who is coming to share our Easter meal with us (actually check that I've done it already), organise what we are going to be eating for our Easter meal, confirm that my husband will actually be here and not at work, finish decluttering the house and sort out what gifts everyone is getting, as we probably won't be doing eggs.

Luckily for me, Haribo sent me some Easter treats to review and seeing as I've managed to hide them from the children since they arrived (hahahaha) I've also got to eat them. Although I should point out that I didn't eat all of them in one go, several tasting sessions were held (and are still being held!) in order to find out that the Fizzy Farm Animals are my favourite. Cherries would have won, but they aren't in this review.

Haribo Easter Range 2014

It always makes me laugh that for Lent, I normally give up Chocolate and then celebrate having successfully completed my Lenten sacrifice by eating chocolate and so along with the plan of this year of not doing eggs for Easter, I also haven't given anything up this year instead I've added something to my life, by adding in a couple of extra projects that last the 40 days of Lent, there will be blog posts about them soon I promise.

So what about the Haribo I hear you ask. Well, as normal the Haribo are lovely and tasty and in small packets so you don't have to worry too much about the children (or adults) that you give them to over eating. The Easter themes are cute and the games included in the tub (or even the twister stick) are fun and everyone that is in our extended family could play them easily come Easter Sunday (which is when we normally have our fun).

The Haribo Easter ranges are available in the Supermarkets, in the past you've been able to buy different items in different shops, so you might have to go to a couple to find what you're looking for!