Bernard Matthews Sweet Chilli Chinese Wraps #Review

Ever since I was young, my favourite food has been a Chinese Take Away and any time I can recreate a dish similar to something I may order, I jump at the chance. This was part of the inspiration for the second lunch I made the Children using the Bernard Matthews Cooked Meats Range and I used the Bernard Matthews Turkey Sweet Chilli Breast Chunks (RRP £) as the protein of this lunch.

I had been looking for the plain chunks, but they didn't have any in the three supermarkets I tried, they are obviously very popular, probably because they taste great!

Sweet Chilli Chinese Wraps

Bernard Matthews Sweet Chilli Breast Chunks


Sweet Chilli Breast Chunks
Hoisin Sauce
Salad Leaves

A word of warning, as I was making this lunch, it looked and smelled so yummy that I started making a third for my breakfast, so be warned you might want to make extra for yourself.


To make the sauce, you have to mix a teaspoon of Hoisin Sauce, and a dollop of mayonnaise. I find it easier to put the mayonnaise on to the wrap first and drop the Hoisin Sauce on top and then mix them together by spreading the sauces together over the wrap.

Take the cucumber and cut into sticks, you can julienne them as thin as you like, but I prefer thick sticks because I'm always worried I'm going to cut my fingers off. Place the Breast Chunks, the Salad Leaves and the Cucumber sticks in to the centre of the Wrap and then fold the wrap as you prefer.

Sweet Chilli Chinese Wraps

I always find it easier to use tinfoil to hold the wrap in a wrap shape, but you can use whatever method you like. I'm just really bad at folding wraps in a way that keeps them folded! If you have any tips for me please leave them in the comments below. As you can see, the whole thing takes a total of two minutes to make, so perfect for busy Mums!

A Sweet Chilli Chinese Wrap

The Children loved their lunch and Top Ender was so excited telling my Mum about the wrap after School, that Top Ender got me to make one for my Mum too. I'd run out of the Sweet Chilli Chunks, so I used the slices of Turkey Breast and much thinner cucumber slices, and I put Spring Onion slices in hers.

Two Sweet Chilli Chinese Wraps with Spring Onion and Cucumber

My Mum loved the wrap too and it just shows how versatile the products are and how they aren't just lunches for Children, but the whole family.

Bernard Matthews have compensated me for this post. I'm going to use it to buy some Dinosaur shapes and then not share them with the Children. Okay, I'll share them with the Children.