Bernard Matthews Turkey Stuffed Pittas #Review

One of the first ideas I came up with for the Bernard Matthews challenge for creating some fun lunchbox ideas was Turkey Stuffed Pittas. This is something that is good for getting extra vegetables into the Children and also brilliant for little hands.

Turkey and Veg Stuffed Pittas

I used the Turkey Breast Slices again for this, mainly because again there was a distinct lack of Bernard Matthews Cooked Meats in the supermarkets and also because this is actually BB's favourite of all the products. Top Ender is really good at trying new things and eating a wide range of products, BB less so at the moment and so yes, we are pandering to him.


Turkey Slices
Cherry Tomatoes
Salad Leaves
Pitta Pockets


This can be made really quickly if you need too, but you can also make them the night before and leave them in fridge ready for packing in lunchboxes the next morning.

Put the Pitta Pockets into the Toaster, to warm up and also allow them time to cool down before you need to cut them.

Take the Cucumber and chop into small pieces, put the pieces into a bowl.

Deseed the Tomatoes and again chop into small pieces and add these to the Cucumber.

Lastly cut the Turkey Slices up and again add these to the bowl of Cucumber and Tomato.

Add a squirt of mayonnaise, some seasoning and if you want you can add mustard at this point or Garlic, favourite herbs, harissa, mint, chives... anything that your heart desires or your Children will enjoy!

Then mix. And mix well.

Pitta Stuffing Mix - Cucumber, Tomato and Turkey Slices all chopped up and mixed with Mayonnaise

All you need to do then is slice the pitta pockets open and stuff with salad leaves and a couple of tablespoons of the Cucumber, Tomato and Turkey mix. You can add as much or as little into the pockets as you think that your child would like or can handle.

Pitta pockets with Bernard Matthews Turkey Slices

As you can see from this picture above the pittas look tasty and are certainly small enough to fit into a child's hand. One top tip for you when you pack them, it might be sensible to wrap them in either cling film or tin foil before putting them into a lunchbox because the filling can fall out in little pieces!

STuffed Pitta Pockets in the Lunch Box

Saying that, when Top Ender and Big Boy came home from School both their lunchboxes were empty save for a few small pieces of cucumber and Turkey which were stuck to the corners of the lunchboxes! So maybe the falling out pieces are good for something... like nibbling on whilst you are waiting for your best friend to finish their lunch too!