What We Are Eating This Week - W/C 3rd October

This week things got away from me. Normally I like to sit at home during the week and think about the food we are going to eat so I can base it around what we have in the Freezer, Fridge and Cupboards and what is on offer or I can get a good price on! This week however, as I said things got away from me and I was out shopping before I'd even written a list let alone looked properly in the Freezers, Fridge or Cupboards! This is therefore me working backwards and I apologise to my wallet and bank manager.

No time for Relaxing with Tea in the Garden this week!

Saturday - Turkey Curry

Daddy refers to this as a Steamed Curry because we do it in the Morphy Richards Intellisteam Food Steamer and so it gets Steamed. It makes the meat very moist and honestly is one of the best ways to make a curry in our very humble opinion. As Top Ender is now able to have Curry with us I made sure that Big Boy had something he liked to eat and so he had Toad in the Hole.

Sunday - Roast

It is General Conference this week, and due to the magic of the internet I can watch it with Top Ender from home. This means that we get to eat our Roast Dinner on my bed and so luckily Daddy is going to make it super nice so that we can enjoy both sustenance for the body and the spirit!

Monday - Ratatouille Pasta

When I made Ratatouille a few weeks back I made so much that I ended up freezing what seems like a tonne. Tonight I'm going to use it as a sauce for some Pasta which we'll either share with Top Ender's best friend and her little sister who are coming round tonight or eat it when they go home as they might be eating with their Daddy!

Tuesday - Dinner with Granny

I had said to my Mum we were going to have to have a Wednesday night meal together and spend the day shopping together because on a Tuesday night Top Ender is at Orchestra and so we have to hang around a bit which would be boring for my Mum. Tomorrow however I have a thing on at School with Big Boy so we've had to change our plans already!

Wednesday - Fish Pie

The last time we had Fish Pie, I made two. Tonight is the turn of the second pie to be eaten. I do worry that it is going to be either watery or not as fishy as I thought it would be so I'm going to serve it with Sweetcorn and hope for the best!

Thursday - Microwave Vegetable Risotto

The Children are actually quite fond of Risotto and I did promise myself I would use the Microwave a lot more to make good healthy and nutritious meals and then promptly forgot. Tonight this all changes!

Friday - Fish Cakes and Potato Gratin

I thought I'd do Fish Cakes because it has been ages since we have had them, and I forgot that I'd already got Fish Pie on the menu on Wednesday...

Ahh we need to eat at least two portions of Fish a week so I suppose it is all good really!! BB is really great at making Potato Gratin, so I'm going to get him to help make our meal and Top Ender has already decided that she would like to make a pudding so I'm going to get Top Ender to do that tonight.

What are you planning on eating this week?