The Hallway - Part Two

So, after we decided to paint the Hallway and decided on a paint that we liked we purchased the correct amount we'd need, the masking tape and even some new brushes. If we were doing this we were going to do it properly it seemed.

It's like watching Paint dry this picture.

Daddy had a day off planned and so we decided that we'd use that day to paint the hallway. Well, rather I decided that he should use this particular day to paint the hallway and Daddy just agreed. Daddy actually started painting the hallway yesterday, whilst Top Ender and I were at Church. He knew that the amount of wallspace we had wasn't enough for the time he felt we had put to one side (the time the Children are at School!) to do two coats.

Anyway, I helped paint a bit.

Whilst Daddy was painting the walls previously unpainted, I started going over the walls that he had painted yesterday. Well, I was painting until I got annoyed with my husband because of the way he talked about my painting skills and the brush I was using and well probably I was just bored of painting the walls too if I'm perfectly honest.

So, the walls are now mostly painted.

The painted wall

and it looks terrible.

The wet paint looks like we've re-plastered the wall.

I know however, that it's going to look fine.

Really? We decided to paint the walls brown? It looks terrible!

Eventually. My husband promised me so.

Now, on to the carpet.