Easy Meals with Old El Paso Stand 'N' Stuff Taco Kit #Review

In my weekly posts about what we are going to eat, I often talk about how I forget about meals that we love as a family. Tacos are one of those meals, and so when Old El Paso sent us their new Smoky BBQ Stand 'N' Stuff Soft Tacos to have one night when Daddy wasn't in (because they have wheat Tacos which he can't eat), I knew the Children and I were going to be happy. Actually scratch that, we were going to be very happy and hopefully also very full!

A Pack Shot of Old El Paso Stand N Stuff Soft Taco Kit - Sorry but I threw away the pack before taking a picture!

When I'd been shopping at the weekend, I'd seen the new Stand 'N' Stuff Tacos Kit (RRP £3.79) and was able to check that all I needed to add to the meal was Mince, some Lettuce, some chopped Tomato and of course the all important cheese. Everything on the list is something we normally have in our trolley, so it was a very easy shop and was the sort of meal that I could keep in the cupboard (well the Stand 'N' Stuff Taco part, the rest would be in the fridge or freezer) for a quick midweek meal.

What you get in the Old El Paso Stand 'N' Stuff Soft Taco Kit

We decided that last Thursday night was probably the best night for us to eat the Tacos because that's the night we are most in a rush because of After School Clubs and of course last week also had us trying to fit in Parents Evening for Big Boy too. A meal that says takes just twenty minutes to get on the table was the perfect fit for us, so when we got back from Parents Evening, Big Boy set the table and got plates and glasses out, whilst Top Ender put some grated cheese in a bowl (we always have grated cheese in the freezer and fridge) shredded some lettuce and diced some tomatoes and I cooked some mince and finished off what they started whilst they went to get into their uniforms.

Trimmings for Tacos

It was one of the easiest and fastest meals I had cooked all week, taking only twenty minutes (and that included taking photos!) and I would put it on a par (for ease) with the Beans on Toast that we were supposed to have and much easier and quicker than the Childrens favourite Lasagne or even make your own Pizza!

The Children loved that the Old El Paso Stand 'N' Stuff Tacos are shaped like a bowl, for BB it made it easier for him to hold as with the flat bottom it made them a better shape for him to hold. Top Ender liked that she didn't have to hold them at funny angles trying to get the filling in and that they didn't crack if she over filled them, which she is prone to doing!

After the Children had stuffed their tacos it was my turn.

Yummy Stand 'N' Stuff Tacos

I think they look pretty awesome and they tasted great! We all loved the flavour of the Smoky BBQ. It was mild, not spicy and Top Ender ate lettuce (this is HUGE in our house as she's the only person who won't eat Salad!). The Children have asked if we can have the Tacos again soon, which of course I will arrange because now that I've remembered that we love Tacos they will be added to our weekly meal plans again and of course we'll have to try the garlic and paprika flavour seasoning too.

We've had a second meal using the Tacos (RRP £1.89 for a pack of eight), as I sent the Children to School with Tacos to make at School! These were a total hit, with Top Ener texting me during lunch to say how fantastic it was and Big Boy so excited when he came home, telling me how wicked it was that he'd been able to make his own lunch at the lunch table!

Chicken Stand 'N' Stuff Tacos as Lunch

Big Boy wants to have Tacos on Tuesday, Thursday and possibly on a future Monday because he thinks with mild Spicy beans and rice we could have a great Meatless Monday using the Tacos and I'm inclined to agree!

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