I'm Not Supermum

I get several emails and DM's a week asking me how I manage to do so much in a week. I honestly don't think I get that much done in a week and I'm sure if you asked my husband and children they would fall about laughing, but some of the emails are from people who honestly seem to think that I have it all.

The A Mother's Ramblings family

They seem to think that I can impart some words of wisdom so that they can have it all too. 

Like I've said though, I'm not Supermum and I doubt I could even impart an ounce of wisdom to anyone but... here's how my life works.

For example right now as I write this, let me tell you what is happening.

Top Ender is doing her homework, upstairs in her bedroom. She's just been downstairs and asked me for some advice about her artwork and so I paused my TV show (I'm marathon watching The Good Wife on Netflix) and BB kindly paused his Video game that he is playing so that we weren't distracted.

PippaD and Big Boy

I was actually looking up some ways to teach the Children German (and myself at the same time), and I was bookmarking a few articles on Pinterest that I wanted to read at a later point. I was also putting the last touches to a few plans that the Children and I have over the next few weeks and I was also looking up some ideas for Christmas gifts I could make my husband.

I stopped what I was doing of course.

I gave Tops the advice, checked on a couple of other pieces of work, signed a few letters she had for me and looked over two other pieces of homework she had completed since getting home. Things I normally also should have done as soon as Top Ender had got in from School, but hadn't because Tops had gone straight upstairs.

Top Ender and PippaD

BB has already done his homework, he'd spent some time drawing and colouring and I've heard both of the Children read and they have read both independently and to each other. Dinner is cooking, I tidied my room earlier today, I've emptied all the washing baskets around the house into the ones in the Kitchen, I've signed both Home Contact books, I've emptied lunch boxes and put on a load of washing too.

What you can't see however, is that I need to clean the bathroom. I mean seriously, the sink could possibly be growing a new form of life, as could the back of the toilet. The dishes need doing and I need to put away the dishes that I did yesterday... or possibly the day before yesterday. The table behind me is covered in more junk than I can really pass off as being just a lived in look and probably at least half of the stuff actually needs to be thrown away and the other half needs to be filled.

You can't see that I've kicked the washing machine twice because I've forgotten to actually press the "start" button on the machine. You can't see that I started cooking dinner twenty minutes late and now my children are sitting in front of the TV looking at me with a hopeful look that food might be provided soon...

My husband is sitting on a train, about to pull into the local train station and I should have already have left the house, but so far I haven't...

I'm not Supermum.

I'm a normal Mum just like you.

I'm not Supermum - PippaD

And I guess that we are all Supermums in a way.