What We Are Eating W/C 17th October

This weekend we are putting the heating on, Daddy has said that it is just too cold for him getting out of bed in the morning and so we need to go and bleed the radiators, ensure that nothing is leaning up against them and generally just be good homeowners. I'm going to try the tin foil behind the radiators tip this year too. Have you done that to your home? Anyway, on to what we are eating!

Saturday - Sticky Sausages with Bacon and Apples

After going shopping with my Mum (and Top Ender too!) when we get home Daddy has normally cooked for us. We tend to have a family meal and one that is warming and filling... which we might not need now that the heating is back on!

We'll go for Sticky Sausages because Daddy is the one who makes this the best and because everyone loves it.

Sticky Sausages with Bacon and Apples

Sunday - Turkey Roast

I think that the next couple of weeks will be our last roast for a while, I like to make sure that the Christmas Roast is special and I don't think it is if you have been eating it every week of the year! I've not yet talked about it with Daddy yet, but I'm sure he's used to my weird ideas by now and happy to roll with it for an easy life at least!

Meatless Monday - Vegetable Soup with Pasta

I figure the children will be much more receptive to Vegetable soup if there is Pasta in it!

I'm going to fry an onion, add some garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and chopped tomatoes before adding some stock and pasta and cooking. I may add some peas and sweetcorn as I always tend to have them in the house (either frozen or tinned) but it's not a sneaky way to get more vegetables in the children it's because I want some freezer space back!

What is your favourite soup recipe?

Tuesday - Ham Risotto

I'm not sure why, but I feel I should be on a budget this week. I think Ham Risotto is a really cheap meal and so I've added it to my list of things to make this week!

Wednesday - Eating With my Mum

After the success of eating with my Mum at my home last week (we had Salad, Chicken and Rice), I'm going to suggest that we do it again this week... although we'll eat something different than what we had last week!

I think that we'll go for something like Salmon or Pesto Chicken wrapped in Bacon or even Roasted Gammon.

Chicken with Pesto wrapped in Bacon

Of course my Mum might just decide we should go to a Carvery or some other restaurant instead!

Thursday - Fishcakes and Mash

The Children and I are off to Beavers and Guides tonight, so we're going to have a nice warm meal and hopefully not freeze to death whilst we are out!

The reason that we might freeze is as Beavers is only an hour, Tops and I stay on site rather than driving home. As I'm sure you can guess it's cold in the car hence the need for the warm food!

Friday - Meatloaf

It's the last day of Term, so we're going to do something super cool tonight for our evening meal... Well, at least I think it is supercool!

I'm going to make either doughnut meatloaf (meatloaf in the shape of doughnuts!) or maybe individual meatloafs or ones in the shape of something else maybe hearts or stars because the ones that are heads and hands and feet are just a bit too creepy!

So, that's what we're eating this week. What are you eating?