The Last Week Of September

The week started with us as normal going food shopping with my Mum. The only difference was we should have been at Legoloand, but with BB being poorly we had to skip it. The good news was that this would also mean we could watch Doctor Who at the same time as the rest of the nation!

Sunday Top Ender and I were at Church, we had a great day with Top Ender giving a talk in Primary during the Senior Primary Time. I love the fact that being in Primary means I get to hear different talks each week from the Children and I get to hear my daughter of course too! In the evening we had the Missionaries round to share a meal and to teach a lesson. They taught a lesson about Talents, and using our talents. It was a really great lesson as the Children had to think about the Talents they have and how they use them. It was lovely because after the Elders had left the Children spent some time talking about talents they see in each other and other people they know.

Most of this week I was doing small things around the house, cleaning and trying to declutter the junk around the house. It seemed to me that things were just getting out of hand and I knew I needed to just buckle down. So I made a list! ROFL, talk about procrastinating right?

Tuesday was mine and Daddy's wedding anniversary. Amazingly we've been married for 14 years and neither of us have killed or seriously wounded the other. I'm only teasing, as I put on Instagram I am the luckiest person in the world to have been able to marry my best friend and to be able to share this adventure called life with him.

My Beautiful Anniversary card and Snooker Ball Keyring

Sometimes of course we drive each other crazy, but I think that when you take our relationship right down to basics there is not only love, but also respect and honesty which I think are all pretty important in a relationship!

Wednesday we did have some bad news. One of my Mums Kittens was hit by a car and unfortunately died. It was really sad because this Kitten was such a lovely Cat. He hated anyone apart from my Mum but he was good looking and would occasionally let me stroke him! My Mum is really missing him and his brother and Mum are missing him as they have been calling for him.

Wednesday had also been an All Change day at BB's School and I'd got to spend an hour in a lesson with him. Together we drew monsters on the laptops using shapes (I think mine looked like a Koala!), made monsters using 3D shapes and BB even managed to squeeze in some time making monsters out of play-doh. I do love these days as they enable us to see what our Children are getting up to and how they learn and of course gives us parents a way to get to know the staff who work with our Children on a daily basis.

The rest of the week passed quickly, with both the Children, Daddy and I looking forward to the weekend. Top Ender and I because it is General Conference weekend and this means we get to sit on my bed watching Conference on the TV via the internet and eating snacks! And this of course actually brings me up to what I'm doing right now... but Sssh because technically I shouldn't talk about this until next week!

What have you been up to this week?